Research & Discovery

Small or big research setup? We believe in a tailored approach to understand the questions our clients face.

Brand study, pre-post test, creative testing, whether local or global – we put the clients needs & goals in focus

Strategy & Planning

Media strategy needs to be build on a strong base of facts and data. Understanding the communication task is essential for choosing the right channel(s).

We evaluate each market, distribution, core customer segments, media habits and required budget.

The media strategy is reflected in our planning, where the right channel mix, target segmentation, timing and media pressure, assures we meet the business, market and communication objectives

Negotiations & Buying

Buying media should be a straight forward process – but it is not.
Negotiations are tough, and knowing the landscape is as essential as evaluating cost levels versus goals.

We constantly align and adjust to ensure the best possible value of the media investment.

Media Plan management & Reporting

Transparency is key – why we work with a unique setup that allow full transparency for our clients – at any point in time for any purchase made.

Our unique booking system enables us to customize data & reporting to meet our clients’ needs. This includes creative allocation management, per region or country – sliced and diced to your needs.

Digital campaigns are setup with live dashboards tailor made per client to give overview on specific KPIs.

Analysis & Optimization

Campaign evaluation and control is perhaps one of the most important tasks in the media discipline – the time to learn, adapt and increase effect & efficiency.